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Extend Windows Volume After Increasing SSD Size

For 1&1 Cloud Servers

Learn how to take advantage of an increase in SSD size made through the 1&1 Control Panel, by increasing the Windows volume size on your 1&1 Cloud Server.

After increasing the available space for your 1&1 Cloud Server in the 1&1 Control Panel, you must manually allocate the added unused space to a specific volume (such as the C: drive). The steps below will show you how to assign the unallocated free space to whichever volume you'd like to increase.

Step 1
First, Connect to Your 1&1 Cloud Server Windows with Remote Desktop.
Step 2
Launch the Server Manager from the Windows taskbar if it is not already open. scr_extend_volume_after_resize_01.png
Step 3
Select Tools > Computer Management from the top-right of the Server Manager window. scr_extend_volume_after_resize_02.png
Step 4
Select Storage > Disk Management from the left panel in the Computer Management window. scr_extend_volume_after_resize_03.png
Step 5
Right-click the volume you want to extend (such as the C: drive) and then click Extend Volume. scr_extend_volume_after_resize_04.png
Step 6
Click the Next button in the Extend Volume Wizard. scr_extend_volume_after_resize_04.png
Step 7
Set the increase size for the volume by manually typing in a size or using the arrows to increase or decrease the amount of space to be added. By default, the size to increase is set to the maximum available space.

Click the Next button when you are ready.

Step 8
An overview of the settings for extending the volume is shown. Click the Finish button after confirming the settings are correct. scr_extend_volume_after_resize_04.png
Step 9
Check the volume in the Computer Management window to confirm that the volume has been successfully increased. scr_extend_volume_after_resize_04.png